Our open workshop concept means, you can watch us change grips, repair shafts or build clubs.

Our workshop master, PGA professional and Callaway fitter, Barry Rixom has a huge knowledge of club building and always has a solution for "almost" every golf club question ready.

Here is a brief overview of other services related to your golf clubs, such as changing grips, changing shafts, loft and lie adjustments, through to special express services, such as ordering aftermarket shafts for your new or current Callaway golf clubs, made for you, can be done in the fully equipped workshop.


Grip change
We carry a large selection of golf grips. Choose your favourite!

Club repair
Has your racket head come loose? No problem, we'll do it!

Loft/lie adjustment
Does the lie angle of your clubs match your swing? The lofts in a set of racquets should be precisely matched to achieve proper shot lengths.

Shaft lengthening and shortening
Are your clubs too long or too short? We measure you and make changes. From the putter to the driver.

Shaft change
Not happy with your trajectory, or want more distance in your shots? The “right” shaft can help. We would be happy to advise you on this topic.
Loft & Lie
Longer / Shorter